Nehemiah: God Wants You to Serve Him in Order to Advance His Kingdom

Sunday Sermon Series Nehemiah

Nehemiah 3:1-32

Nehemiah chapter 3 is all about work -- how individuals pitched in and did work together.

The people are rebuilding the gates of the wall. The gates were the critical entry and exit points to the city, and the places most likely to see an enemy to attack. Therefore, the work strategically started at each gate and worked out from there.

… The first ones to jump in and help were the priests. That would be pastors today. This is a great example of servant leadership. They weren’t the only ones helping though, others also helped rebuild the wall. … Even people from Tekoa, a place outside the city, helped rebuild. They were not going to get the same protection from the wall as those who live there, but they knew their temple was there and wanted to help. But not everyone from Tekoa helped; their nobles stayed behind. Matthew 20:25-26 shows us how leaders should act though; it tells us to be servant leaders.

The most important gift you have is your availability to serve the Lord.

… The people rebuilding the wall worked on sections near their own homes and far away from their homes. This is an example of how we must do God’s work both locally and far away. … In Nehemiah 3:11 we see Malkijah working on the wall, serving God. He is also mentioned in Ezra 10 when Ezra confronts him for marrying a non-Jew. Now he is rebuilding the wall. Don’t let past mistakes keep you from serving God. … Nehemiah 3:12 shows a family working to help rebuild the wall. It is good to serve God with your family. … The end of Nehemiah 3:30 shows us a man with a single room apartment (the Hebrew word for “living quarters” means the equivalent of “one room apartment”) work on the wall. Everyone can serve.

Two observations:

  • The church has to work together to accomplish God’s mission. … This wall was continuous and so is the Great Commission. We have an ongoing job to reach the lost. Every day, babies are born and they grow up and need to know about Christ.

  • The family plays a crucial role in God’s mission. … Serving God with your family gives a pattern for your family to follow.

[This next part is specific to my home church, but feel free to read it.]

So how does Serve Coffee County work?

We have organized five service opportunities in our community:

  1. College Street Elementary

  2. Life Choices Pregnancy Center

  3. North Coffee Elementary

  4. Westwood Elementary

  5. Student Ministry Space Renovation

At each of these locations, there are project coordinators who are leading the work being done.

We have all of the details in place -- we just need people to help us serve

That’s where you can help!

To be a part of Serve Coffee County, you can sign-up through a website:

All you have to do to sign-up is:

  1. Fill out the registration information

  2. Select the location(s_ and time(s) you would like to serve

  3. Each location has different dates and times for work days

  4. Select t-shirt size

  5. Hit submit

After you complete registration-- You will receive a confirmation email and you will be added to the rosters of each location you registered for.

Your project coordinator will contact you before the scheduled workdays to remind and prepare you for anything you need to bring.

Nehemiah: Join God in His Work

Series Nehemiah Sunday Sermon

Jeremiah 2

God wants us to join in His work. The word “work“ appears 17 times in the first 7 chapters. In John 4:34 Jesus says He is to finish the work of the One who sent Him.

How do I pursue God’s mission for my life?

  1. Be willing to wait (Nehemiah 2:1). … The month of Nisan (not Nissan) corresponds to April. It took Nehemiah four months before he could ask the king for permission to go rebuild the walls. Galatians 4:4 says when the time was right, God sent His Son. … God works on His own timing, not ours. …

  2. Face your fears (Nehemiah 2:2-3). … Nehemiah appears sad in front of the king. The king asked why Nehemiah was sad. Nehemiah was sad because Jerusalem was in ruins. He was also extremely fearful because the king had ultimate power and if someone made the king sad, he could have that person killed. Nehemiah was afraid he would make the king sad because he himself was sad, and also because he was to ask the king to reverse a decree he made about twenty years ago.

  3. Pray for guidance (Nehemiah 2:4-5). … Nehemiah prayed between the time the king asked the question and Nehemiah answered. My pastor calls this type of prayer “roman candle prayers” because they are quick prayers sent up to God.

  4. Trust God to provide for your needs (Nehemiah 2:6-9). … God provided resources and protection for Nehemiah through the king’s influence.

  5. Count the cost (Nehemiah 2:11-16). … Nehemiah examined the walls and gates. He could not make it all the way around the city though because some of the rubble blocked his way. He wanted to know how much it would cost to rebuild the wall. … Luke 14:25-30 tells us there is a cost to following Christ. Following Christ is not a casual endeavor; it requires full effort.

  6. Network (Nehemiah 2:17-18). … Nehemiah finally tells others his vision and gets them to help. He examined the cost on his own, but he does the work with others.

  7. Expect opposition (Nehemiah 2:19). … They faced opposition from the powers all around them. The opposers tried to twist Nehemiah’s motives and ridiculed and mocked him  and those helping him … Archaeologists have recovered other documents that confirms the names of the governors and kings mentioned in this verse.

  8. Be confident the purposes of God will succeed (Nehemiah 2:20). … Nehemiah has great confidence in the purposes God called him to do. He knew everything on this world is ultimately temporary. There are three things that will last forever: God, the Word of God, and the Son of God. Build your life on those three things.

Nehemiah: What Does God Want Me to Do with My Life?

Series Nehemiah Sunday Sermon

The theme of Nehemiah chapters 1-7 is that God wants you to invest your life in His work. … God has work for you, an assignment, a mission for you. This extends to all Christians, not just preachers. Look at Nehemiah. He was a cupbearer for King Artaxerxes. His job was to taste everything before the king to protect the king from poison. Nehemiah was not a preacher or priest or prophet, but God had an assignment for him.

Background of the Book of Nehemiah

  • 650 BC: First exiles taken to Babylon (including Daniel)

  • 597 BC: Second group taken to Babylon (including Ezekiel)

  • 586 BC: Jerusalem destroyed by Babylon

  • 539 BC: Persia conquers Babylon

  • 538 BC: First exiles return to Jerusalem

  • 536 BC: Temple construction begins

  • 520 BC: Haggai and Zechariah urge completion of temple

  • 516 BC: Temple construction is finished

  • 479 BC: Esther becomes queen of Persia

  • 458 BC: Second group returns to Jerusalem (including Ezekiel)

  • 445 BC: Nehemiah learns the walls are not rebuilt

The key to discovering the assignments God has for you: Be attentive to the burdens God places on your heart. You will find God’s work for your life where the needs of the world the burdens of your heart intersect. … In Nehemiah 1:1-4, Nehemiah is told that those who went back to Jerusalem are in not doing well and the walls are still down. He weeps. In Nehemiah 2:12 we see that God put it in his heart to go back and help complete the wall. John 16:8 says that the Holy Spirit is at work in the whole world, convicting people of their sin. The Spirit makes people feel guilty because He loves people. Guilt is what causes us to see our sin. John 16:13 shows us that the Holy Spirit guides us to do certain tasks. … Sometimes it’s hard to hear the promptings of God because we have so much going on. We need to be quiet and listen sometimes. Sometimes we try to do so many good things that we miss out on what we are actually called to do. Say no to some good things so you say yes to God things.

Evaluate your sense of calling to see if it is from God:

  1. Pray about it. … Prayer is a big deal in the book of Nehemiah. Prayer is one of the most common ways we hear God. It is how we seek direction from God.

  2. Check against scripture. … If it goes against scripture, do not do it. Read everything God promised to His people.

  3. Get ready to do something. Get ready to join Him. … Prepare for the task at hand. Ask God for help. Prayer and action go hand in hand.

God works through the Holy Spirit to guide us to do bring glory to God. But we have to be attentive enough to hear God’s word. It takes a tuned ear to hear God’s voice. Pray and study the Word to tune yours.