Change: How to Change Unwanted Behaviors

Sunday Sermon Series Change

Romans 6:1-23

It’s still weird to take notes from a recliner, but sometimes we need to change, and that’s what this new series is about. We’re going to look at how to change unwanted behaviors. If you don’t want to change behaviors, this isn’t going to work well. You have to want to change. 

Potential behaviors to change: lying, stealing, gossip, sexual immorality, alcoholism, drug abuse, pornography. And more.

  1. Die to sin (Romans 6:1-7).
    Make a decisive break with your unwanted behavior. … A lot of us don’t really want to make a clear break with our negative behavior; we just want to manage it, do it less. That’s not how this works. We don’t get to keep pet sins. When we biome a Believer, we get baptized by immersion. When we are submerged under the water, it represents our death to sin. It’s a graveside service. There has to be a drastic break. Delete that app. End the affair. Confess to those you’ve wronged. What happens if we fall into that sin again? Die to it again! It’s harder in sins of excess like overeating,overspending, and spending too much time on your computer or phone. Those are more difficult because we have to eat, we have to spend money, and most of us need a computer or phone for work. Set boundaries for yourself that force you to curb those behaviors. 

  2. Live for Jesus (Romans 6:8-23).
    Offer yourself as a servant to God and righteousness. ... Baptism isn’t just a graveside service. It’s also a baby shower. When we come back up out of the water we are born again and considered alive to God. After we die to sin we need to make a positive action by offering ourselves to God. The Bible tells us that we will either be a slave to sin or to Jesus. We get to choose. We can submit to Jesus or to sin, but we will submit to one. Which will you choose to serve? 

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