Change: How to Change Unwanted Behaviors 2

Sunday Sermon Series Change

Romans 7:14-25

Todd Agnew has an album called “Better Questions” that really goes with today’s sermon quite well and I encourage everyone reading this to listen to the full album. It’s one of my favorite albums. 

Why do Christians continue to struggle with sin? Why do we do things we don’t want to do? (7:14-15) … Some scholars think Paul isn’t speaking about Christians here, but most believe he is. In context, it makes more sense that he’s talking about Christians. He uses first person point of view. It’s in present tense. We can all identify with it. This leads most scholars to believe Paul is talking about Christians and himself personally. 

You have two natures within you: 

  1. You have an old, sinful nature (7:17-20). … We were born with a sinful nature. This nature desires to do evil and is enslaved to sin. 

  2. You have a new, spiritual nature (7:21-22). … We receive a new nature when we become Christians. It wants to do good and serve Christ. 

These two natures are in civil war (7:23). In order to change unwanted behaviors, you must feed the new nature and starve the old nature. … The nature that you nurture will come out on top. 

You can know victory through Jesus, but your old nature will be with you throughout your life (7:24-25). … If we call out to Jesus He will help. However, the old sinful nature is always there, lingering and tempting us. Some believe that Christians can achieve perfection, but this verse indicates that we will always be sinners until our sanctification is complete in Heaven. 

Understanding this battle will keep you from two dangers:

  1. Overconfidence. … We’re in a battle and will continue to be in a battle, so we need to stay focused and humble instead of overconfident and cocky.

  2. Discouragement. … We know there will be struggles, but we also know the final outcome. We know God will help us. We know God wins in the end. 

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