Change: How to Change Unwanted Behaviors 3

Sunday Sermon Series Change

Romans 8:1-14

As you struggle to change unwanted behaviors, you are not alone. You have a powerful ally in the person of the Holy Spirit (Romans 8:1-2). … Last week in Romans 7 we saw the struggle we still have inside us to do what’s right instead of sinning. It’s a tough battle. But this week in Romans 8 we see that we have a helper in the Holy Spirit

How do I get this this help of the Holy Spirit? If you are a Christian, the Holy Spirit is already in you (Romans 8:8-9). … When we repent of our sin and become a Christian, the Holy Spirit comes and lives inside us as we are reborn in spirit. He is always with us. God, the Holy Spirit, resides in us as living in a house. And, quite frankly, we’re all fixer uppers when the Holy Spirits comes to live in us. He will work to make us holy, but we have to cooperate with Him. 

How do I cooperate with the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit?

  1. Walk according to the Spirit (8:3-4). … To walk with somebody, you just turn in the direction they’re going and start moving. Turn in the direction the Holy Spirit is going and move with Him. It’s a daily commitment that needs to be done.

  2. Set your mind on the things of the Spirit (8:5-7). … The mindset of the flesh is harmful. It’s hostile and leads to death, but the mindset of the Spirit is healing and leads to life. Setting our minds on the things of the Spirit is like wearing glasses that help us to see things clearer. It’s a lens that reveals certain things we wouldn’t see otherwise. 

  3. Be led by the Spirit (8:13-14). … Often, our biggest stumbling block is ourselves. We screw up. We want to go our own way even if it’s wrong. This is why it’s important to let the Holy Spirit lead us.

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