Christmas Is over. What's Next?

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After Christmas…. Children play with new toys. Teachers prepare for the next semester. Parents watch their children with joy. But what about the first Christmas? The angels who sang ascended to Heaven. The Shepherds returned to the fields. Mary and Joseph took care of the child who would become Savior of the world. Luke 2:21-52 tells us they went to church. They went to the synagogue and encountered two elders who were encouraging them. This little interaction shows us that we have roles to play in the church. Some are great examples of faith for everyone else and give encouragement to everyone else. Some engage in the ministry and teach and make sure their children learn. Some come and bring joy to the rest of the church as they learn and grow. Even young Jesus grew in wisdom and knowledge at the synagogue. 

There's a few ways we relate to others in the church. First is the vertical relationship we have with God as we praise and worship Him. Second, there's the intimate quiet time between God and ourselves. Along with that goes the small groups that we become part of as we learn and grow together. And third is our relationship with nonbelievers, our outreach ministries. These outreach ministries are how we bring others to Christ and His salvation. 

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