Gospel Centered Forgiveness

Sunday Sermon Series Gospel Centerd Fogiveness

1 Corinthians 15:1-11

At the heart of the gospel, is that God offers us forgiveness of sins. That message is evident through the life and preaching of Jesus Christ and is evident in the early church. Paul reminds us not to forget the gospel.

  1. Paul reminds them of the centrality of the Gospel (v1-2).... Life gets messy sometimes, and it's important to remember that the Gospel is to be the center of our lives. The Gospel isn't something we just receive and are done with. It continues throughout our lives. When we receive it, we are saved, which is sometimes referred to as Justification. We stand within the Gospel which makes us better, known as sanctification. And we continue to be saved by it into the future where we will be with God in Heaven, known as Glorification. 

  2. Paul reminds them of the content of the Gospel (v3-4).... Paul explains the key components of the Gospel here, breaking it into three main parts. Jesus died on the cross for our sins. He was buried. And He rose from the dead….. We have all sinned and deserve death, meaning we all need forgiveness. Christ died in our place so that we would have a way to be saved and forgiven. We are called to repent and change our lives by following Jesus to receive His forgiveness. We don't have to be perfect to be forgiven. That would make it impossible. There is no way we can become perfect on this Earth, but with Christ we can grow towards perfection and reach it in Heaven. 

  3. Paul reminds them of the confirmation of the Gospel (V5-8).... Paul points out that many people saw Jesus after His resurrection. Why is this important? Because the resurrection is critical. So it's important to show that it really happened and the best way to do that is to point to all the people who saw Him afterwards. 

  4. Paul reminds them of the calling of the Gospel (V9-11).... Paul reminds the readers of his past, that he had persecuted believers before he was one, and yet he was called to salvation. The calling isn't just for salvation, but also to be an ambassador of Christ, to serve Christ. It's a call to a new life, a call to life in Christ. 

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