How Can We Experience Revival? The Pattern of Revival under King Josiah

Sunday Sermon

2 Chronicles 34-35

Biblically and Historically, revival begins with God's people. Moral and spiritual renewal starts with God's people. There's not really an example of revival in the New Testament, because there was no need, but there's some in the Old Testament. Today we look at how young Josiah was used by God to bring about a great revival in Judah. Judah had gone through years of decline and Josiah's father was assassinated when Josiah was only 8 years old. 

Revival begins when we seek God (2 Chronicles 34:3a). Around the age of 16, Josiah began to seek God. Jeremiah 29:13 also reinforces this idea. Revival can only begin when God is our focus. 

Revival gains momentum when we purge our lives of idols (2 Chronicles 34:3b-7). Around the age of 20, Josiah tore down the idols his grandfather put up. He purged the land of idols. Our idols may not be asherah poles or golden figurines, but we have our own idols. An idol is anything that takes our focus from God. The pursuit of 

Revival takes root when we rediscover the Bible and begin to obey it (2 Chronicles 34:8-32). Around the age of 26 Josiah ordered the temple to be repaired. While cleaning the temple, they found a scroll called The Book of the Law, which we believe is Deuteronomy. He listened to the words from it and was convicted and repented. He also had it read in front of all the people. Today we are almost too familiar with the Bible and we don't give it the time or attention it deserves. When revival comes, there is a renewed interest in the Bible and a desire to obey it. 

Revival achieves its goal when we return to right patterns of worship (2 Chronicles 35:1-18). Still around age 26, Josiah had sacrifices made in an attempt to make up for all the ones that were missed. The people hadn't observed the passover properly in a long time, but this time they did. It caused the people to seek to worship God. When we return to right patterns of worship, it makes people want to worship. 

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