Matthew 25:14-30



How you invest your life today will matter for eternity.


Three Kingdom Investment Questions

  1. What do I have that belongs to Jesus? (v. 14-15) … The master, who represents God, gave his servants, representative of us, a few talents, money. A talent was worth about 20 years of income. So, these servants weren’t given a small amount to manage, but rather a fortune. A key point here is that the servants were given this wealth to manage based on their ability as judged by the master. 
  2. How am I stewarding what I have been given? (v. 16-18) … Two of the servants invested the talents they were given and doubled their value. The third hid his talent in the ground. We often think the first two worked hard and the third did nothing. But digging a hole to bury that much money was surely some hard work. So, he did work, he invested some of his life into protecting it, but he didn’t do the right work. 
  3. What is the long-range goal of my investment? (v.19-30) … The first two servants were both recognized for what they did with their talents. They were equally celebrated even though they had different amounts of talents. They both heard “well done, good and faithful servant.” But the third servant approached and explained why he hid his talent. He wasted his opportunity to increase his master’s wealth. He was so fearful of the master that he didn’t take any risks. He apparently knew about the master, but it is fair to question if he really knew the master. 


Three Investment Opportunities / Strategies

  • Pray … We can all pray for others and for opportunities to invest our lives
  • Give … We can give money to help missions
  • Go … We can go and work on missions, whether local or somewhere else


Missions Opportunities

  • Jesus Tent at Bonnaroo - June 13-16
  • Guatemala Mission Trip - July 12-20
  • Denver Mission Trip - October 9-13


To register for any of these mission opportunities click here.


For Further Study/Resources the Pastor Used to Prepare This Message


  • Preaching the Word
  • Christ-Centered Exposition
  • ESV Expository Commentary
  • New American Commentary


  • Tell Me the Stories of Jesus: The Explosive Power of Jesus’ Parables by Albert Mohler
  • Stories with Intent: A Comprehensive Guide to the Parables of Jesus by Klyne Snodgrass
  • The Story-Telling God by Jared Wilson