Romans 10:9-17


At this point in Romans, there've been nine chapters of good news. Now Paul is going to show that we should be sharing that news with others. Here are three key aspects of that. 

  1. Our Gospel Confession (v.9a) … “Jesus is Lord.” That is our confession. In Rome, this was a dangerous confession. Rome was very accepting of many gods and goddesses, even the unknown gods. However, outside the pantheon was an inscription that translates to “Caesar is lord.” Caesar was above all in Rome. So, when believers confessed that Jesus is Lord, they put Him above Caesar, which could lead to severe punishment. 
  2. Our Gospel Assurance (vv.9b-13) … “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” This is one of those exclusive inclusive sayings. It’s for everyone. Anyone can call on the name of the Lord to be saved. But only those that do so will be saved. 
  3. Our Gospel Mission (vv, 14-17) … People are grateful to receive good news. But how can they receive that good news if it is never told to them? How can they be told if we never go to them, never reach out to them? That’s our mission and that’s why we should be serious about missions. Missions don’t have to be abroad or in another state or even in another city. You can reach out to those around you. Everywhere you go, people need the Lord. 


How can we do missions? Our church has plenty of opportunities for missions locally, nationally, and abroad. Especially in the summer. The title image comes from a local outreach opportunity where the world comes to us. Its the Jesus Tent at Bonnaroo. Hopefully your church does similar outreach too. Find out what is offered and seek an opportunity to reach out. The “BLESS App: Bless Your Neighbor” app gives you an easy way to find neighbors to pray for. Building relationships at work is also a good first step in reaching out to others. And even living in the Bible Belt, it’s important to not assume others already believe. It also helps to preach the Gospel to yourself daily, so that when you love your neighbor as yourself, you will share the Gospel with them too. Learning a technique like the Three Circles also helps. And praying for specific people on a list over a long period also helps, and don’t give up on anyone on that list. Finally, remember that it’s not our job to save; we share and God saves. 


For Further Study/Resources the Pastor Used to Prepare This Message

  • Exalting Jesus in Romans by Tony Meridat
  • Teach the Text by Marvin Pate
  • Romans, Preach the Word by Kent Hughes
  • ESV Expository Commentary by Robert Yarbrough
  • Romans for You by Tim Keller
  • The Story of God Commentary by Michael Bird
  • Living Insights by Chuck Swindoll
  • NIV Application Commentary by Doug Moo