Background of Romans

  • Author: Paul
  • Date: Around 57 AD during his 3rd Missionary Journey
  • Audience: Gentile & Jewish Christians in Rome
  • Key Theme: The Gospel Changes Everything
  • About Rome: Rome was the center of the world during this time intellectually, financially, artistically, and militarily. This letter was written during the Pax Romana era of extended peace in the Roman Empire. A few years before this letter, all Jews were kicked out of Rome because they were fighting over this man who the Roman emperor had never heard of: Jesus. 


Romans 1:16


  1. Paul’s Gospel Story … Paul has a wild backstory. He was born Saul, a Jew and Roman citizen. He was highly intelligent and dedicated to studying the Law. He was so zealous for the Law and for making Jews follow it that he started persecuting Jews who believed in Jesus. He was on a mission to track down believers in Damascus when Jesus appeared to him. Jesus confronted Saul about what he was doing and this is the moment when Saul, persecutor of believers, became Paul, great missionary declaring the Gospel to all. Paul’s story is a reminder that we should never write anyone off. Anyone can be saved.
  2. Paul’s Gospel Confidence …Paul had great confidence in the Gospel and was unashamed of it. Why? Because it is the power of God for Salvation to everyone who believes. 
    1. The Power of God … The Gospel is God’s; it belongs to Him and has His power in it. That power can cause great change; thus, the Gospel has the power to change things. This is why it is critical for churches to center everything on the Gospel.
    2. For Salvation … The Gospel is the answer to all our problems. We were all born sinners, in need of a savior. 
    3. To Everyone Who Believes … This scripture is both radically inclusive and radically exclusive. Salvation is available to everyone. Anyone can be saved. However, salvation isn’t given to anyone by default. It must be requested and only goes out to those who believe. 


How to Develop Unashamed Gospel Confidence

  1. Believe the Gospel … Really believe it. Believe in it so much that if something comes up, you don’t stay quiet. 
  2. Rehearse the Gospel … This can be done through music, singing the songs that proclaim it. 
  3. Share the Gospel … Seeing the Gospel’s power change others is the most effective way to develop unashamed confidence in the Gospel.


For Further Study/Resources Used to Prepare This Message


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  • Teach the Text by Marvin Pate
  • Romans, Preach the Word by Kent Hughes
  • ESV Expository Commentary by Robert Yarbrough
  • Romans for You by Tim Keller
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