Mark 9:33-35


This is the first of a seven week series about sayings of Jesus that changed the world. It’s also Father's Day and there are some sayings that are often associated with dad's. Don't make turn this car around. I'm not sleeping, I'm resting my eyes. Turn out the lights. Close the door. Ask your mother. 


And since it's Father's Day, many will be receiving a mug or shirt or something that says “World's greatest dad” on it. We all want to be great at whatever we do. We all desire to obtain greatness. 


Four Things We Need to Know About Kingdom Greatness

  1. The Misconception of Greatness (vv. 33-34) … The world defines greatness a few different ways, such as success in business or sports, the legacy we leave behind, or power and influence. Jesus came to redefine that. 
  2. The Attitude of Greatness (v. 35)… Jesus flips our understanding of greatness on its head. The first becomes last and last becomes first. Paul gives us an example of this in Philippians 2:3. It requires an attitude of humility that puts others first. 
  3. The Model of Greatness (v. 35).... Jesus embodies this. Philippians 2:5-8 expl;ains this even further, showing how Jesus was great because He was willing to go from Heaven to Earth to serve us, from streets of gold to streets of dirt. He was willing to die on a cross to save us, from a glorious crown to one of thorns. True greatness is sacrificing so you can serve. 
  4. The Invitation of Greatness (v. 35).... Jesus invites us to become truly great by becoming last and serving all others. Serving people makes you great, not stepping on them to reach the top. 


If you want to be truly great, serving others is the only way. Serving others also turns us into walking ministries. Serving others helps us show the greatness of Jesus. Serving others is a simple and effective outreach. Serving others is how we follow Jesus. 


For Further Study/Resources the Pastor Used to Prepare This Message

  • Exalting Jesus in Mark by Danny Akin
  • Preach the Word by Kent Hughes
  • ESV Expository Commentary
  • Mark for You by Jason Meyers
  • The Story of God Commentary by Timothy Gombis 
  • Jesus the King by Tim Keller
  • The Great Omission by Dallas Willard
  • Spiritual Leadership by J. Oswald Sanders