The Miracles of Jesus: Jesus Calms the Storm

Sunday Sermon Series The Miracles of Jesus

Mark 4:35-41

Jesus is teaching by a lake, what we call the Sea of Galilee. The crowd is so large that Jesus went onto a boat to teach. At some point He took a break and explained some parables to His disciples, but was teaching the rest of the day. Eventually they, even Jesus, got tired so they pushed off in the boat and headed for the other side of the lake. Jesus fell asleep. A storm raged. The disciples assumed Jesus didn’t care about the situation as He slept. Jesus rebukes the storm and it ends. 

Ask yourself the two questions at the end of this story:

  1. Why are you so afraid? Do you still have no faith? (Mark 4: 40). … Are you afraid of something? Having financial troubles that have you worried? Health problems that scare you? … Even though the disciples had seen many things that should have grown their faith, they still lacked it and were scared. What has God done in your life that should have grown your faith? … Paul was in multiple shipwrecks. In one of his trips there was a great storm and the crew grew scared. God told Paul that everyone would survive. And they all did survive. Why didn’t God just stop the storm? God doesn’t work the same way very often. He is unpredictable and seems to like to use different methods.
    See Isaiah 43:2
    Jesus does miracles in some of your storms so that you will learn to trust Him in all of your storms. 

  2. Who is this? Even the wind and the waves obey him (Mark 4:41). … Humans have tried to control the weather many times. It’s never been proven to be successful. Sometimes the results have been the opposite of the desired results. But Jesus has the power to command the weather.
    See Psalm 89:8-9
    Jesus is revealing He is the Lord God Almighty. … Whenever Jesus controls nature, it is through His voice. Consider this: all of creation was created through the Word of Jesus. He created everything and has the power to command everything.