The Miracles of Jesus: Jesus Enables the Paralyzed to Walk

Sunday Sermon Series The Miracles of Jesus

Mark 2:1-12

These verses tell of a time when Jesus was preaching in a house that was crowded. There wasn’t enough room when a group of friends brought their paralyzed friend to be healed. They couldn’t get through the crowd. But through faith, determination, and ingenuity these friends carried their paralyzed man onto the roof and made a hole in the roof and lowered him down. 

Jesus proclaimed the sins of the paralyzed man forgiven. Others in the house questioned this. Was this blasphemy? Can this man really forgive sins? Only God can forgive sins! Jesus knew their thoughts and answered them, asking if it’s easier to say “get up and walk” or “you’re sins are forgiven”? Jesus wanted them to know that He has the authority to forgive sins. The paralyzed man walked home. 

Are miracles possible? Don’t they contradict the laws of nature?

The laws of nature are orderly and structured. But so is a stop light. What happens when an ambulance comes towards a stop light with its lights and siren going? The rules change temporarily. Cars stop even on green and the ambulance goes through even on red. Once the event is over, normal order resumes. God, the creator of the universe surely has the power to temporarily change the laws of nature to perform a miracle. 

Does God still do miracles today?

Some sincere Christians believe God no longer does miracles, but others believe He does. Personally, I think He does. I’ve seen stuff that just has no other explanation. 

Should we pray for miracles of healing? (James 5:14-15)

It’s Biblical to pray for healing, so, yes, praying for miraculous healing is a good thing to do. 

Should we ever stop praying for a miracle of healing? (2 Corinthians 12:7-9)

Sometimes God reveals His glory through suffering. Sometimes He tells us that this is just something we have to live with and use as a way to glorify God through our faith and perseverance.

Why doesn’t God do more miracles? (2 Timothy 4:20; Acts 14:22) 

We don’t know. We don’t fully understand God.Sometimes He does miracles. Sometimes He doesn’t. Sometimes through suffering He is glorified. Sometimes He is glorified through miracles. Even when the miracles do happen though, we must realize that the miracle is a temporary fix. There is a more permanent fix that we need. We all need eternal salvation, which is an even greater miracle.